Over 17, different apple varieties have been recorded, but the modern-day American usually only knows a handful of grocery-store staples, because many of the heirloom apples are too oddly shaped to be picked by machine, too delicate for mass production, or both. The appeal of the old types is their flavor. Many of the old varieties were developed from seeds during the late ‘s and early ‘s, though some date back much farther. Grafting the fruit, a sure way to reproduce a particular variety, enabled early pomologists to perpetuate especially desirable specimens. James Beard would be glad to know that now more and more nurseries sell heirloom trees, many orchards sell old varieties of fruit, and some historic sites cultivate the heirloom trees. Following is a partial list of old-timey apples. If you readers know of additional varieties, or if you can add descriptions, please e-mail answers foodhistory. No trouble is spared to see that Virginia’s customers get the best.

Red Apples Photos

Dating site for apple users. Bring date i know i have issued a threat to juicy red apple dating site your health care provider about having. Dating back to the ‘s, Small juicy red apple with some red coloring in the white flesh. Fruit has its best flavor after the first good frost.

Check the Market Page or Pick-Your-Own Page for the most up to date availability information. Jonagold – Large, sweet, juicy, red / yellow apples. Nice flavor.

FEW things are so sublime as plucking a plump peach from the tree and biting into its sweet pulp, oozing with the essence of late summer. And what can compare with picking a big red apple from the branch, piercing its crisp skin and crunching through its tart white flesh, with the brisk autumn air tingling one’s cheeks? Now through mid-September are the final weeks for peach picking, and into November, some 60 varieties of red, green and golden apples will beckon to be taken from their gnarly, haunted-looking trees.

Connecticut has more than 90 commercial apple orchards, most of which also sell peaches and pears, said Rick Macsuga, a marketing representative for the state’s Department of Agriculture. Macsuga said, ”but did you know we’re also the largest grower of peaches and pears in New England? The state is also peppered with other orchards and farms that offer such curious crops as pink seedless grapes, greengage plums and northern kiwis.

At White Silo Farm in Sherman, for example, the attraction is the northern kiwi, a plum-sized confection that barely resembles the New Zealand kiwi with its fuzzy brown skin. He crouched down and walked under the kiwi vines, a thick canopy of heart-shaped, glossy green leaves and pointed to thick clusters of kiwis just about to attain ripeness. They produce a tremendous amount of fruit; there are something like kiwis on one ripe vine,” said the college physics teacher turned farmer.

Gorman said he sold pounds of the fruit last year, but that he expected this year’s sales to be higher. The flavor is much like a New Zealand kiwi, only tinged with the tastes of pineapple, strawberry and grape.

Winter or Late-Season Apple Varieties

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All Seasons Apple Orchard offers apple picking including Honeycrisp picking. experience for yourself the delicious, juicy and amazingly crisp Honeycrisp apple​. Red Delicious, Estimated Picking Date: Mid October, Pick Your Own Apples.

There are more than 7, varieties of apples but not all of them come to harvest at the same time. In the course of a year, there are actually three apple harvests: an early-season harvest, a mid-season harvest, and a late-season harvest. The harvest for early-season apple varieties begins in mid-summer and peaks in late summer. The harvest for mid-season apples begins in late summer and peaks in early autumn, and the harvest for late-season apples begins in early autumn and peaks in late autumn—and sometimes runs right into early winter.

Late-season apples are the best keepers. For that reason, late-season apples are sometimes called winter apples.

List of apple cultivars

There is perhaps some truth in this, but as consumers increasingly look for flavor in their shopping baskets, growers have begun to respond by developing varieties where it is more prominent than it used to be in the previous generation of supermarket apples. Jazz provides the best evidence yet that modern apple development is pulling ahead of the traditional heirloom varieties.

Jazz is a crisp hard apple with an excellent strong sweet-sharp flavor, and a pronounced fruity pear-drop note. The flavor undoubtedly puts it in the first rank of apples, and it is hard to think of a traditional variety that can compete with it. The butter-yellow flesh is juicy, crisp and dense. Indeed perhaps the one drawback of Jazz is that it is a very solid apple, and may be a bit difficult to bite into if you do not have strong teeth – the solution is to cut it into slices first.

A handsome, deep red apple originally from Massachusetts in the early s. A French apple dating to with a champagne-like flavor and a wonderful texture when A crisp, juicy apple with a sprightly mix of sweet and tart flavors.

Over 7, cultivars of the culinary or eating apple Malus pumila are known. In the following list, use for “eating” means that the fruit is consumed raw, rather than cooked. Cultivars used primarily for making cider are indicated. This list does not include the species and varieties of apples collectively known as crab apples , which are grown primarily for ornamental purposes, though they may be used to make jelly. These are described under Malus. Pretty reddish pink coat. Believed at one time Minnesota was too cold to grow apples until “Wealthy” was cultivated.

Now a parent to many apples for resistance to temperatures below freezing. Still available in upper Midwest.

Apple varieties Alphabetical Chart – which apple to pick and why!

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August, Smallish, mostly red apple, tasting a bit like a crabapple, usable in cooking. The fruit is firm, juicy, and very acidic — a good cooking apple. Pearmain, Winter Pearmain), This is the oldest known English apple, dating back to

This calendar shows the average maturing dates for your favorite apple and fruit varieties. Its yellow flesh is non-browning, juicy and sweet, good for eating fresh, canning or freezing. Bright Star Peach Late July — It is a good early eating peach, with great flavor, semi-freestone with good color and firmness. It has very few split pits. Sentry Peach Late July — This big flavored large peach is a yellow-fleshed, semi-freestone.

It is a freestone peach and is great for canning. Viking Apple Early August — Viking apples are medium in size with dark red skin. They are mildly tart and firm. They are great for baking and eating! Great for eating! Pristine Apple Mid August — Pristine apples are medium in size with a yellow skin. Crispy and mildly tart. They are great for eating, baking and applesauce.

Juicy red apple dating

What is an heirloom apple? Beyond that the possibilities are almost endless. Many of us have heard of Honeycrisp, McIntosh and Gala, but there are over varieties across the world! Instead, apple trees are grown by grafting the fruit of an existing, established variety onto an existing root or tree.

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Are you trying to choose the right variety of apple for your needs? There are many to choose from. There are heirloom varieties that have been around for hundreds of years and apple growers are constantly creating new varieties to meet consumer tastes and is no exception. Scroll down this page for a table of dozens of apple varieties includingphotos and their characteristics and best uses. This page has tips about harvesting and storing apples. And if you bring home some apples and want to make applesauce , apple butter , apple juice , apple pie , apple cobbler , apple crisp , even apple cider , just click the links for each to follow directions and recipes or see this page see this page for a master list of simple, reliable, illustrated canning, freezing or preserving directions.

There are plenty of other related resources, such as this list of local regional and apple festivals – click on the resources dropdown above. If you have questions or feedback, please let me know! Notes for August Summer is almost here! Strawberry season is finished in all but the far northern ands cooler areas. Blueberries, blackberries are in season in most areas, also tomatoes, peaches and most vegetables.

Check your area’s copy calendar see this page and call your local farms for seasonal updates.


Its flavor is described as having a unique sweet-tart taste. This tart, firm, and bright red heirloom apple was for many years the most popular in New England, New York, and abroad. Fun Fact: If kept in a cool storage space or root cellar, Baldwins can keep into the spring. Pro Tip: Baldwins maintain their shape throughout the baking process so they are fantastic for baking pies and dumplings.

The dark purple Black Oxford hails from Paris, Maine. It was found as a seedling by Nathaniel Haskell in the s.

Phifer Pavitt DATE NIGHT Sauvignon Blanc round with gobs of black and blue fruits, juicy red apples, toasted coriander, and a supple well-heeled finish.

This is the beginning compilation of the apples we grow. As next harvest begins we will update with more pictures and descriptions of all varieties. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see when we traditionally begin to harvest these varieties. Happy reading! It has a zesty, pineapple, citrus flavor and flesh that has a fine grain, crisp texture. Used mostly for eating out of hand, but is also a fine cooking apple and makes a robust juice or cider.

Ashmead planted an apple seed in his garden in the early s. It grew into a delicious variety that has won the highest awards from the Royal Horticultural Society.

Skin Up – A Juicy Red Apple (Sweet Mix)